Ask a Mason: Interview with a Former 32nd Degree Master Mason Says Most Masons are Deceived

In this episode, we interview former 32nd degree Maser Mason, Joseph Victor, and get his perspective of Freemasonry. Joseph was the Worshipful Master of his craft lodge and achieved Royal Arch Mason which is the 7th degree of the York rite, the highest rank within this rite. He was also a Shriner. After spending over a decade in this organization, he began to see beyond the benevolent veneer he claims this organization hides behind and believes Freemasonry is not what many Masons think it is. He claims that 90% of practicing Masons have no idea of the deception they are involved in. He shares his belief that Freemasonry is an organization that is deceptively being used to give the global consent necessary to carry out a much larger and nefarious worldwide agenda orchestrated by a small group of Luciferian elites. He claims the god of Freemasonry is Lucifer and encourages practicing Masons to dig deeper to find out what they are really involved in. FindĀ us on Instagram at un.believer_inbetweener, or you can reach us via email at

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