Discussing Hoarding and Disorganization

In this episode, we tackle the topic of hoarding and disorganization. Learn what hoarding is and how it differs from being generally disorganized. We are joined by professional organizer, Saskia Ridley, of Outward-In Organizing who throughout the show shares organizational “pearls of wisdom” useful to everyone who could use a little more organization in their lives. Our panel host, Cheryl Carreau, is intimately familiar with hoarding as this disorder is something she has had to directly confront within her family. She opens up about the struggles and heartache that this disorder brings and weighs in on some helpful organizational advice of her own. If you need help getting organized yourself and think Saskia can help, you can find her online at www.outwardinorganizing.com. We would love to hear your feedback so be sure to share your comments below! Do you have a topic that you would like our panel to discuss on a future episode? If so, let us know by sending an email to un.believer.inbetweener@gmail.com

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